Portrait of a Modern Man by Modern Photo Studio

We live in a fast-paced world and sometimes a photograph must capture us and make it last for generations. This article will focus on men's photography.
There is a difference between a woman's portrait and a man's. Often a woman needs a lot of colours and elegance to underline her feminine side, when a man needs to look sharp. A woman needs to look fragile sometimes and a man needs to look confident. It is a game of sexes. A never-ending gameplay and photography must obey it.
Over the years we have photographed many men and now we will share some tips with you.
Here are 4 tips on capturing better men's portraits:

1. Ask! Talk to your model. Keep asking him a lot of questions that he can answer. This technique is valuable and very useful as it relaxes your model and helps him become more confident. Confidence really does a lot of good to a photograph.

2. Listen! Learn to listen to your model. Listening is even more important than talking. Really listen to your model if you want to achieve better photographic results.

3. Zoom-in! Don't be afraid to really zoom in on your model's face. Really get in close and create some magic! But please don't overdo it as men get annoyed by it if you cross the line.

4. Black and white! Yes, cheesy and classy, we all adore black and white photography. It makes people in suits look important, and everyone likes to look important.

So, there you have it. Use them to improve your photography. They are very simple, but believe me you will thank me later.