Wedding of Anna and Etienne in Gascony, France

This big feature is not just about a marvelous Wedding, but also about a great journey to the South of France, Gascony, which we will always remember. Wedding of Anna and Etienne was one of the most romantic ones we've ever been to. Gorgeous nature, wonderful weather and fantastic atmosphere of old good France - you can feel it all in the photographs we took. We are sure that all guests will also remember the sacramental spirit of a ceremony which took place in a cosy village church. Children, like beautiful angels, surrounded the young couple and threw rose petals in the air. And at night after dinner, everybody could light magic lanterns and set them free to the starry skies, as a symbol of happy beginning of a new life, a new family of Anna and Etienne.. Dear Anna and Etienne! Be happy together and always, always love and appreciate each other! Your friends, Anar and Rita :)
 Дорогие Аня и Этьен! Любите друг друга и всегда будьте счастливы, ведь Вы - замечательная пара! Обнимаем, Ваши друзья и, по распоряжению судьбы, фотографы, Анар и Рита